California Medical Equipment Liquidation Company Helps Hospitals Sell Surplus Assets

California Medical Equipment Liquidation Company Helps Hospitals Sell Surplus Assets 

Surgical medical equipment liquidator

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“Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.” is a California based hospital / medical equipment
liquidator and liquidation company that helps hospitals, doctor offices and surgery centers
convert medical equipment assets into money.

The company which is based out of San Diego works with hospitals that have surplus
medical equipment in storage including hospital beds, stretchers, gurneys, imaging
equipment (including C arms, portable x ray equipment, CT scans, MRI equipment),
diagnostic equipment, furniture, infant and neo natal equipment, exam room tables,
surgical equipment and more.

Much of the medical equipment is sold directly back to other hospitals and medical
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“We help doctor offices, surgical clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities liquidate
and sell medical equipment and medical furnishings like waiting room furniture,
medical cabinets, desks and other items needed to be removed for cash”, said
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 “Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.” spokesperson Sean Callahan.

“Many of the medical equipment assets we liquidate still have a lot of life in them
and for hospitals and medical facilities on a budget these items provide a great
value at a lower price than buying new”. As a medical equipment liquidation
company it is our goal to find new users for the equipment to help provide
a greater return for our clients and avoid seeing medical equipment go into
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 landfills.”

If you are looking for a medical equipment liquidation company in San Diego
California or Southern California that specializes in hospital and medical
equipment assets from doctor offices, hospitals, surgery centers, nursing schools
and other medical facilities contact “Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.”
for a free quote and estimate.

Medical Equipment Liquidator Hospital Project Grenada

medical equipment liquidator hospital project grenada

If you are looking for a medical – hospital equipment liquidation service / company
for your San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside or Southern California
hospital, doctor office or surgery center contact us at (858) 263-4894 or email
us at

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 “New, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment”

4901 Morena Blvd. #600
San Diego Ca., 92117
9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
10AM to 2PM Saturday

USA Office phone 1 (858) 263-4894
USA Email:

We are a full service medical equipment liquidation company that can come in
and sell and remove all medical equipment assets including furniture, medical disposables,
hospital beds and more. We work with large list of International hospital and buyers
along with some of the largest medical equipment companies in the USA and can help
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 secure a return on medical assets.