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Medical Equipment Liquidator Helping Build International Hospitals

Medical Equipment Liquidator / Liquidation Company Helping
Build International Hospitals

Kenya Hospital Project USA Medical Equipment Dealer

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Hospital Direct Medical Equipment is a USA based hospital buyer, liquidator and seller
of hospital and medical equipment that also works on re-purposing medical items
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In the last few months this liquidation – recycling company has helped start hospitals
in Kenya Africa, Senagal Africa, The Philippines, Honduras and India. Much of the
medical equipment comes from hospitals looking to sell medical beds, stretchers
and other hospital equipment along with other hospitals that are closing old locations,
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 building new locations and liquidating assets.

“Hospital administrators like to see their old and existing medical equipment assets
going into hands of third world countries that desperately need this hospital
equipment for patient care,” said Hospital Direct Medical spokesperson Sean
Callahan who has worked directly with charities, government agencies and other
groups looking to start and build hospitals overseas.

India Hospital Project using USA medical equipment refurbished

india hospital project using usa medical equipment refurbished

The number one asset that most hospitals need to get started are medical
grade beds along with surgery equipment, neo-natal infant equipment and
also items like generators for power supply.

For any hospital looking to sell or liquidate medical equipment or interested
in possibly getting a 501 C3 write off for unwanted medical assets the best
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‌India Hospital Project with liquidated medical assets from the USA

乐博彩票平台是合法的吗‌india hospital project with liquidated medical assets from the usa

For more information on USA hospital liquidations, medical equipment buyer services
and liquidating hospital equipment assets contact Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc
at (858) 263-4894 phone or at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com

Medical equipment liquidation company

乐博彩票平台是合法的吗medical equipment liquidation company

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. is a medical equipment liquidation company
in the United States that buys, sells and auctions medical equipment assets for
hospitals, doctor offices, surgery centers and long term care facilities around
the USA. Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. (858) 263-4894

Medical Equipment Liquidator Leads USA in Hospital Bed Buying and Re-Purposing

Medical Equipment Liquidator Leads USA in Hospital Bed Buying and Re-Purposing

When it comes to liquidating surplus hospital bed inventory very few companies
are equipped to move, store, transport and stack beds weighing five hundred
to eight hundred pounds by the hundreds and even the thousands. Hospitals
getting new hospital beds need the old beds removed in a timely manner to
get new beds in and these beds must be zipped tied and stacked in order to
get them in trucks efficiently. Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. is a
company that with the help of strategic partners around the USA is able to
help liquidate, purchase or remove older model hospital beds for future
use in International hospitals in Africa, Mexico and other locations.

With an annual average of over 10,000 beds per year “Hospital Direct Medical”
is becoming popular for large hospital chains that want fair market value for the
beds and do not want to call dozens of liquidation companies to get the job done.

“Many medical recycling companies avoid dealing with hospital beds because
they are large, heavy and can be very dangerous”, said Hospital Direct Medical
CEO Sean Callahan in a recent interview. “Anyone in this industry knows hospital
beds need a special type of staff and process to safely be removed along with
having a channel for re-distribution and sales.”

With locations in San Diego California, Aurora Indiana and Richmond Virginia
the company is able to dispatch experienced staff anywhere in the USA and
moved hospital beds out by the hundreds. Some jobs include multiple hospital
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As a medical equipment liquidator and buyer Hospital Direct Medical also
helps hospitals get maximum value for hospital bed assets by offering
purchase options, 501-C3 charity write off options, online medical auction
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Known as one of the largest hospital bed dealers in the USA Hospital Direct Medical
works with other medical brokers to help distribute beds to low income
patients and International hospitals around the world. Keeping hospital
beds out of landfills and re-purposing the beds and other medical equipment
is the number one goal of this fast growing medical equipment liquidator and
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 liquidation company.

If you are a hospital, surgery center, doctor office, urgent care facility,
nursing school, long term care facility and have hospital beds and other
medical equipment assets for sale or liquidation contact “Hospital Direct
Medical Equipment Inc. at the contact numbers below or email your
medical equipment for sale at hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com.

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 “New, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment”

4901 Morena Blvd. #600
San Diego Ca., 92117
9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
10AM to 2PM Saturday
USA Office phone: (858) 263-4894
USA Email: hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com

Richmond, White Post – Winchester Virginia
1114 Fairfax Pike, #212
White Post, Virginia 22663
Phone: (540) 327-7376
USA Email: hospitaldirectmedical@gmail.com

Mexico / Latin America
Gloria Flores (858) 263-4894
Cell 858-922-6862

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. works in all fifty states in the
United States and buys, sells, re-purposes and recycles all types
of medical and hospital equipment including hospital beds, stretchers,
x ray equipment, ultrasound equipment, patient vital sign monitors,
EKG’s, ECG’s, neo natal equipment, patient room furniture and more.
Our goal is to re-purpose as much medical equipment as possible and
乐博彩票平台是合法的吗 keep it from going into landfills.